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La prótesis Motec® Wrist Joint se ha diseñado con el objetivo de lograr una muñeca fuerte, estable, móvil y MOTEC®. VOLVER A PRODUCTOS SWEMAC   Feb 15, 2019 Swemac Innovation AB: Motec Wrist Prosthesis. 22 January 2019. Joint prosthesis, misc. Model: 40-1015S Motec Wrist Prosthesis. UK), Motec and Elos (Swemac orthopaedics ABm. Linkoping, Sweden) and the Maestro Total Wrist. System (Biomet, Warsaw, Indiana USA), that the.

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We report the case of a female patient treated with a Motec cementless metal-on-metal wrist replacement for post traumatic arthritis of the radiocarpal joint. The Motec Wrist Prosthesis System from Swemac Innovation Gillas av Andreas Sundberg 5-10 year follow-up of 56 non-rheumatoid patients that received a Motec Wrist Prosthesis concluded that "An uncemented total wrist arthroplasty can… Prótesis Total de Muñeca Motec Swemac. En este vídeo podemos apreciar el amplio rango de movilidad intraoperatorio y la gran estabilidad intrínseca. Indicada para pacientes con graves lesiones en muñeca, como alternativa a la artrodesis de muñeca. Prótesis Total de Muñeca Motec Swemac.

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System (Biomet, Warsaw, Indiana USA), that the. Universal 2   out arthroplasty, with ReMotion, and with Motec TWA in one cadaver forearm.

Swemac Orthopaedics AB, LINKÖPING Företaget

Call us on 1800 225 065 or email 16 Another recent European design is the Motec (Swemac, Linkö ping, Sweden), which differs from the other currently available implants by being metal-onmetal and fixed with large screws in the CLINICAL APPLICATIONS. The BIPLANAR ® concept offers the ideal functionality for orthopaedic and traumatic surgery procedures. The dual view application simplifies the workflow in the operating theater, all while providing the surgeon with instant and clear imaging. Headquarter Route des Acacias, 45a 1227 Geneva.

Strategisk inköpare till Swemac Innovation AB. Har du relevant erfarenhet från tekniskt- och strategiskt  Swemac Innovation AB,556672-2244 - På hittar du , bokslut, nyckeltal, koncern, koncernträd, styrelse, Status, adress mm för Swemac Innovation  Firman tecknas av styrelsen. Firman tecknas två i förening av - ledamöterna.
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Welcome to Swemac imaging™. The inventor of the Biplanar® The Dual View Surgical Imaging solution. READ MORE · Clinical Application  The Synchronous Versatile Input Module (SVIM) is a compact expander that works in conjunction with an ACL or ADL3 Data Logger to facilitate the  Nov 9, 2018 The Motec bridge salvage 1st CMCJ replacement is an innovative implant and G.J.Packer works in association with Swemac Innovation AB,. The prosthesis used was a cementless Motec titanium Bonit® coated screw cup ( Swemac AB, Linköbing, Sweden) with a chrome-cobalt insert (CoCrMo ISO  May 21, 2018 Fourth-generation prostheses survival rates were 78% at 15 years (Universal 2), 86% at 10 years (Motec), 90% at 9 years (Re-Motion), and  Mar 20, 2014 In the fourth study, the Motec total wrist arthroplasty (Swemac Orthopaedics AB, Linköping, Sweden) was used (Figure 26). The implant had  Twin Hook är kompatibel med Swemac CHS, Twin Hook Locking Plate och Medoff Sliding Plate. Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis.

The different techniques of Motec Wrist Joint Arthrodesis The Motec Wrist Joint Arthrodesis System is suitable in several cases and has three different options available depending on the patient and implant situation.
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Vi utvecklar och tillverkar själva flertalet implantatsystem för höft- och övre extremitetskirurgi och tillhandahåller även som distributör en mycket bred lösningsportfölj från bl.a. Acumed, Orthofix, Integra och Königsee. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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La prótesis Motec® Wrist Joint se ha diseñado con el objetivo de lograr una muñeca fuerte, estable, móvil y MOTEC®. VOLVER A PRODUCTOS SWEMAC   Feb 15, 2019 Swemac Innovation AB: Motec Wrist Prosthesis.

All implants are made from titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) and available sterile for immediate use. All components are designed and manufactured for maximal osseointegration with surrounding bones in the wrist joint. Swemac Resource Library containing our resource files. Motec Wrist Joint Arthrodesis System Swemac has grown for over 20 years with its unique and highly innovative environment. Attention to quality has always been critical to our development and production. This strong tradition of innovation and quality remains a core characteristic and guiding compass for Swemac today.